Album Review... TOY - Join The Dots

Join the dots starts with an absolute classic move. Getting a breath, take care of your own ears as it’s not getting that itchy in the beginning. Starting with an enormous strong level of feedback and high class kraut, bit slower though than other older krautsongs like "Drifting Deeper" from their debut. The drums seems like really simple and as always: Extreme finesse sound on the hi-hat. It is a "secondalbum test-CHECKfor sure. "You won’t be the same" is much reminding of the some of the remarkable songs of NEU!. Therefore to find a band these days who can pick up and ARE WILLING to progress their sound a little further to today’s soundlevel, where mostly it sounding really loud and pumpy, this "first vocal track" is a nice calm starter. "As we turn" is a beautiful song where I just can’t catch up the sense though. Not my taste at all. But way worth to hear the frequencies going through these already world known and very old synths of Alexandra. Very smooth. Jesus Christ. She's got it.

The third song as I just gave it a few words has ended with a « Vinyl scratch ». Kind of a « next chapter going on mate-thing ». AND HERE WE GO : The early this fall released single "Joint the dots" is starting with a creepy and hopeful noise. Repetitive mood. We already reviewed it and you can read more about the hilarious single, as it’s really funny to listen. It makes me smile, not sure why. Maybe if you’re playing around with a new Toy it is normal that that happens. In Switzerland there’s a sentence you often say when a boy’s pleased: "Boy playing, Boy healthy."

"To a death unknown" is a heavy compressed bass track. It’s juicy as one, but I must say Toy and Oranges… Matching as fuck you know? A good track to wake up. Chilled and wavy. And never forget the nice arrangements of the drum parts. Now let me ask you one thing, dear reader of It’s All Indie’s Toy-Join the dot album-review… The drummer has a lot in common with Snowboard Pro Shaun White innit? Well, he’s fast. Got style. Has the widest pants in the band and mostly white wearing lad. One guy who’s not having enough attention in my opinion. Therefore, here you go. This has to be sad at one time and not one time only maybe. Let’s move on…

"Endlessly"  is a track I wanted to listen first as I found a little piece, a preview on BBC Radio. It caught me from the first second. The vocals of Tom Dougall are bit slighter than the other heavier tracks. Well worn-out groove. Bit dreamy, a bit of grace with sometimes too hard compressed guitars. It’s matching here, it’s matching quite well if you’re going through the whole periods or chorus and several psych parts. The second brilliant, and glamorous album « Join the dots » is a great album and I really hope magazines aren’t making their decisions too early about the « Album of the year list ». JTD, it might be one of the top five to me. But I’m sure I have to give it a few tries to get in touch with their simply clever beautiful parts. It’s not that catchy as the debut. But definitely more interesting as it’s really fitting in our times of Rock’n’Roll. The time where the British band « TOY » surely is one of the biggest parts in bringin’ the more older retro exotic sounds back to mainstream’s music. 

Back to more « Ears and listeners ». Let’s hope they make it to bigger stages. Please close your both eyes and forget about the Placebo Arena Tour on what the guys are on right now. What I mean is main act stage presentations of the most caring band who’s having a love for exotic uncommon sounds. There was a Toy back in early 10’s, I still love to play it. If you want to have one too, go and buy yourself one. Album is out this month.

So why I'm gonna give these guys a 9.9 out of 10 is surely because they relived sounds I suppose have been missing in these days. They got style when it comes to arrangements. These guys are fuzz and music lovers. Fetish vintage rock'n'rollers. That's what I like. That 0.1 is missing because I'm not that glamorous as these guys. It's the next record I'll buy. it's the next record I'll buy for sure. Can't wait for my new toy. "Come to me nice little toy, come to me..."

Toy - Join The Dots
Out of 10: 9.9/10
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