Album Review... Warpaint - Warpaint

If there's ever an album that sets you in a mind set of self-discovery and hypnotism, it's Warpaint. Four girls coming together to make a record with such depth and a minimalist feel results in probably the best collection of tracks heard in a while.

There's no 'what if they did this in this verse?' with this album, they have got it correct to the point where it's incredibly easy to follow the journey they went through to create the self-titled release. It continues with the themes of The Fool, their previous album, but brings it backs on a much larger scale with a lot more personality thrown in – a recipe for a bulkier, strong statement that haunts through the bass lines that we have grown so fond of from previous songs like Undertow, and the sensational vocals which lead the songs in to a world that can only be entered through Warpaint's music.

Complete with an intro that suggests this is a raw 'here we are' kind of album, Warpaint bares all and tackles the issues that we all face on a regular basis such as relationships, self confidence and maturing – this is incorporated incredibly well with their sound that they have built upon. However; this isn't covered up to make good music, there's a feel of the LA girls still feeling part of normal society and not seeing themselves as incredible music makers. No doubt there is care, precision and a lot of thought put in to every chord, every lyric and the overall product that we listen to in the end.

This may be full of statements, bold chords and chilling vocals; but this is music that suits a chill out session and exploring the surroundings around you in terms of personal space, reflection and the ability to lose yourself in the sound filling every empty section. With all these themes coming together, it can become difficult to get in to if there's no concentration involved. It's easy for this to perhaps be background music for many people and maybe that's one thing they thought about when making this record, after the feedback of the last.

If there's one thing that's certain, it's that the brand new release is full of songs that everyone can sit and listen through from start to end. Biggy, Keep It Healthy and Teese stand out from the first listen but it's more than likely that it changes during every play. If you're in to Warpaint and funk, Disco/Very is the track for you, a surprising turn of play from the band.

Warpaint, the album that sets the bar for 2014.

Warpaint - Warpaint
Out of 10: 9/10

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