Album Review... Kitsune - New Faces

Kitsune springs upon us its latest release, ‘New Faces’, out on February 24th. As with most Kitsune compilations, it offers a real mix of different alternative music which is breaking through at this moment in time. So, rather than sum up what is a bit of a mish-mash of an album, I thought I’d give a short, ‘critical’ description of each track and allow you to make your minds up. Sounds okay? Good. Well let’s begin...

‘Mossy Grounds’ by Antimatter People

An interesting start to the album, as it plummets you into a world of day dream. There’s some smooth Jamaican vibes going through this one and the vocals, well, you could almost mistake them for being those from Alex Turner’s tongue. More accurately though, this one is for fans of Temples.

‘Sirens’ by Gallant

This is bubbling and soaring but really, lacks ambition. The soulful voice countered by the A$AP Rocky-esque grumbling vocals, and the over emphasised bass is probably too predictable by now. Not one you’re likely to remember for too long.

‘Never Love’ by Luxury

Already, three tracks in, it can be said that this album has a lot of dance and electronic influences. This track could be likened to the latest influences of Bondax or Flume. It’s more lively then the last track, which is good, and more pleasant to the ear. The piano loop that goes throughout it will get stuck in your head and send you into a trance.

‘Last Century Man’ by Solomon Grey

This is an odd one, but we like odd. The slow paced emergence of the song and hazy lyrics awake you from some sort of tropical dream like state. The delicate piano and trumpets will ease you into a song which is a delight to indulge yourself in. Finally, we’re getting somewhere with this album.

‘Shout’ by Southern

Southern are a brother and sister duo from Belfast who caught my ears some time a go, with this exact song. It’s a folky, bluesy toe tapper but with grit. Both siblings offer lyrics on a track which builds up suspension before bursting into a lively chorus with a catchy guitar hook and raucous drums. 

‘Real’ by Years & Years

This is a more subtle, catchy little track by this trio. The electronic pop beats throughout are supplemented by soulful, effortless vocals that can be likened to that of Sam Smith, so there’s definitely potential with this band. It’s surprising in fact to realise that they’re still unsigned. Fans of SBTRKT will most probably enjoy this.

‘I Can Tell (By The Way You Move)’ by George Fitzgerald

George Fitzgerald is perhaps the biggest name on this album, and despite the fact it’s another song which uses the distinctive sounds of the club scene, you can tell he knows what he’s doing. He’s recently got his own shows on Radio 1 and this track demonstrates just what he can do behind the decks. If you’re a club goer you may have already heard this track, if not, you’ll be sure to hear it soon.

‘Eighty Nine’ by Panda

Unfortunately it’s not Gold Panda but just, Panda. However, this isn’t a bad choice by Kitsune. It could probably fit onto a Soundcloud remix by almost anyone but the distinct housey piano, which sounds like it’s come from 1989, bursts through its surface saves it. Again, another which could be seen in clubs.

‘Jam The Network’ by Hyetal

Twinkling and pixely, as if you’re back playing on your Nintendo 64, but how many times have we heard this sort of stuff before? It sounds like it could’ve sampled half of Breton’s latest album, but really, it’s quite lacklustre and boring.

‘Bubbles’ by Superfood

One of my bands to tip for 2014, Superfood present their best song to date. There’s flashes of them being the next Blur and comparisons could also been drawn to Weezer. They’re an indie rock band, they don’t mind screaming their nuts off, and they can play guitars.

‘Sunn II’ by Snakadaktal 

This track is another favourite of mine. Whilst, in my opinion, it’s not the best song by the band, it reflects what they’re all about. They’re like a slightly more energetic version of The XX and their debut album, ‘Sleep In The Water’, released last year, is well worth a listen if you enjoy this track. There’s big prospects for these guys.

‘Overdue ‘by Clancy

You’d probably stick this next to ‘Never Love’ by Luxury, thus having similar influences of Flume etc. Its house beats are much deeper than previous songs in this album, and the ear ringing incline to the drop, prepares you to leap into a pool of deep darkness. It’s chilled to say the least.

‘Turquoise’ by Kilo Kish

Kilo Kish is a young singer from New York whose attitude could be likened to Azealia Banks but without the bullshit. She’s more subtle and relies on the experimental nature of her music to take over the listener, similar to Grimes. Worth a listen.

‘Me & Your Ghost’ by Rosie Lowe
Rosie Lowe is another young female who uses experimental sounds to create a glitchy sound which unfortunately doesn’t really work for me. There’s too much going on to really immerse yourself in the music.

Overall, Kitsune’s ‘New Faces’ presents to us some bright new talents, and some faces we’d rather forget. There’s a variety of artists on the album but at times Kitsune cling onto the current popular dance beats which serve as the main basis for the album. Maybe with a bit more guitar based bands, this could be a real treat.

Ones to keep your ears on: Antimatter People, Solomon Grey, Superfood, George Fitzgerald Snakadaktal.

Kitsune - New Faces
Out of 10: 7.8/10

Written by Josh Shreeve

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