Apply to be a part of the next It's All Indie Mixtape: #IAIELEVEN - The Seductive Issue

We are looking for THREE tracks to be a part of our next mixtape - #IAIELEVEN - The Seductive Issue - we've got 8 spots already filled and we're after some brand new talent to put into the mixtape for our fans and followers to hear.

We generally get between 7,500+ downloads over the past two years and have got over 30,000 downloads accumulatively.

How to apply:
  • eMail - with the header IAISeductive
  • Attach your track of choice
  • Must be in MP3 format 192kbp/s or higher
  • Supply us with social media links if possible

Rules and Conditions
  • Your track MUST be freely available to download
  • OR you and your management (if you have any) have to let us know if it isn't and we're allowed to use it in our compilation
  • MUST be un-signed as of 14th April 2014

Good luck and we'll announce the THREE winners of the slots 1st of JUNE 2014!

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