Album Review... END - People Of The Stream's Mouth

Allrighty then. What does Queens Of The Stone Age, Radiohead, Interpol, Lovebugs, Mogwai, The National, Silversun Pickups, White Lies, Some foreign North American Indians have in common?

They all (as I suppose) were big influences to write this phenomenal and outstanding album. This heavyweight Pop-Rock album is sprinkled with music-lovers' taste and it's an absolute roller-coaster of wide icy Alaskan oceans or described in a different way: you don't like to watch survival man of because what he says in his TV-shows but love the countries and wide grassfields he's trying to "survive"? Well... just mute your TV and listen to END then. It's way better.

It turns everything into a nice BBC documentary. Where- AND when-ever you're having the sounds and music of "People Of The Stream's Mouth" in your ear. Seriously, this album has surprised me in every single way.

I was talking to their manager and he kindly asked me to review this album on here.
I didn't research that much about this band. How could I... The bandname "END" is as google-unfriendly as the Birmingham's tasteful band "Peace". So what. Finally the album was in my mailbox and I've been looking at it as a surprisepackage like those you can get at Press&Books stations. None of the exciting songs, and really NO SINGLE ONE is making me skipping the other song. Every song is a hit in their own music style or taste category. You've got stoner-rock. You've got afropop. Mainstream Stadium Rock. Tremendous Indie hits and crazy, absolutely crazy vocal parts. Haven't heard a voice like that in years. It's in some frequencies similar to Adrian Sieber's Voice from Lovebugs... Not only to push this band on this platform here but also trying
to reach new fans and listeners for "END" is what I'm trying to do here.

If you're reading this review which is surely quiet hard to understand, I'm expecting YOU to buy their great album. That's all I can say about this unique quartett. (On their bandpicture, there is another guy but not really showing off his face. So if this was a great joke to pretend they were five... I didn't believe you and got the joke. Very good actually. If not, this last part was just concrete bullcrap. END. Amazing.
The End - People Of The Stream's Mouth

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