Album Review... The Orwells - Disgraceland

The Orwells have caused serious chaos with their music and live shows, and that's way ahead of the release of their anticipated sophomore  album. Out June 2nd, Disgraceland gives everything they have and more than we expected.

Opening up with a ballsy, full of attitude 'Southern Comfort', the Chicago-based band lead a Garage Rock album in the direction that can only be described as musical instructions on how not to give a fuck. There's a sense of an intense upbringing that all escapes through grungy chords that glide you through the mind of lyricist and front man, Mario Cuomo.
Powering along side a whole host of bands with a punk-inspired sound, The Orwells manage to continue to lead the way with songs of epic proportions and neatly tied together anthems – the cause of such a rowdy live show. Dirty Sheets, a fan favourite, introduces an overlay of carelessness on top of a group of intelligently constructed riffs that compliment every beat that faces a battle for a louder noise. This continues through the album, as well as a 60s/70s garage band ethos that heavily sits on the forefront of their music.

Disgraceland is a manifesto about tough love, a higher self-belief attitude and the general situations any human comes across during their lifetime – these guys just say it a bit more straight forward, confirming the idea that they are on a path of destruction that everyone seems to be enjoying. Tracks like Gotta Get Down and Who Needs You do nothing but build upon a bed of frustration and add to the garage-strut that suitably fits in to all 11 songs.

This album tells a story that doesn't sit quietly with the listeners and fills every chapter with power surges that empty out of each chord. It may just be one of the best debuts of 2014 because of it's fierce nature and the lack of shying away from opinions on topics we can all associate to. There's passion, there's inspiration and there's incredible music. We don't need much more than that but The Orwells are ready to give a whole lot more. 

The Orwells - Disgraceland
Out of 10: 9/10

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