Track of the week... The Away Days - Your Colour

The Away Days are one of the best bands coming out of Istanbul right about now, no wait, make that Turkey ... actually they're one of the best bands coming out of mainland Europe right now! The dreamy new single from the band instantly got us up and grooving when we heard it.

With the track drawing comparisons to The Maccabees, 2nd album Foals and hints of Palma Violets the band have certainly extracted the best bits of British Indie-Rock and have made a world beating summer anthem, preparing them for the big time! "Your Colour" really does have some lovely light guitar tones, vibrant riffs and a bouncy beat with the very smooth vocals on top. If you would've guessed where this band was from you'd put your finger towards London or Brighton.

''Your Colour'' will be available digitally from 9th June by Partapart Records. You can read an interview we done with the band here. The band have at least TWO albums worth of material recorded and have planned their next single - "Paris" (not a Friendly Fires cover) - to include a stunning video shot in Seattle with amazing visuals and once again, a stunning track to accompany it with. It'll be on the top of the site for the next 7 days, so enjoy it and fall in love with this rather unique band.

You can check out an alternative version of the track recoded below too!

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