Album Review... Alvvays - Alvvays

A debut as strong as Alvvays never goes a miss. It's motivated by heavily intense guitar riffs at times and guided by almost angelic vocals that give the music a sense of purity and naiveness - contradicting each other but perfectly complimenting the juxtapositions that constantly appear in the album. With this, it comes so easy to the ear. It's a light listen that captures you in to the centre of their world. 

This is almost reminiscent of a classic 90s record and Archie, Marry Me is nothing short of a perfect pop song that could have easily fit in at the time. Right now, it's an incredibly well put together indie track that diverts away from an aggressive, fuck you attitude that appears in so many albums of 2014. By Next of Kin, it becomes blindingly clear that the Toronto band have taken their time to bounce off each other and create an album that is almost perfection for a Summer's day. 

With themes of love, heartache and so many topics that surround it - all nine tracks could have become tediously boring, but Alvvays have managed to open up the music around the subject instead of the other way round. This, for what it is, appears to be more about the sound rather than the issue which draws a portait in itself. The lyrics, though, are simply brilliant. Distorted at times, they become a product and a part of the music as a whole - rather than a separate section of a track. During Dives, the vocals melt in between the guitars as they depict another story that needs to be told, formulating a mellow kind of vibe. 

Do not be fooled. We're not talking about a repetitive album that we have all heard so many times before - this is truly a stand out album and doesn't shy away from being a tremendously important release this year. It reflects upon so many typical themes we expect from most artists, but we're subjected to it in a very different way. This is a debut release that sets Alvvays up for a lot of attention over the coming months. 

Each track is individually unique but all nine fit together like a jigsaw that creates a fitting picture for the moment - much like the perfectly timed release for the album. There's no doubt this is going to be on repeat and recommended to every person in sight. Don't be that person who has to shamefully say "No, I haven't heard it."

Rating out of 10: 7/10

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