Album Review... Interpol - El Pintor

When they released a teaser for "El Pintor" we knew that is was going to be huge, but as you're about to find out, we did not know how huge! This album sounds great and they have teased "Anywhere", "All The Rage Back Home" and "My Desire" at concerts over the summer and recently released a song to YouTube called "Ancient Ways".

It's business as usual, shrouded in the familiar sonic murk and gloom of the first two albums. High points for the album is it sheer cohesiveness, it's solid through-out and with that backed by strong live performances of the songs live it's shaping up to be a cracking return. Songs that I can see sticking in their sets for years to come is the TOTBL-esque "Breaker 1" and "Everything Is Wrong", on the softer side you have "Tidal Wave" and "My Blue Supreme", mix that in with some great radio-friendly singles and you have a very strong album!

If you then consider "The Depths" as the true closing song, then the album notches itself up a bit, but as things stand if you buy the iTunes version then this is a clear 9/10 album, one of the best 'come-back' albums by one of our favourite bands, looks like Interpol are back with a bang! They are currently playing a lot of "Antics" and "Turn On The Bright Lights" and if the hype around this album continues it looks like to be ending up to be an all time classic!

Interpol - El Pintor
Out of 10: 9/10

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