Gig Review... Tycho @ Brudenell Social Club, 5th October 2014

On a cold night in the northern city of Leeds, Brudenell Social Club was warmed with the refreshingly ambient indie stylings of San Francisco outfit Tycho. For anyone who isn't already in the know, Tycho is the brainchild of Scott Hansen who, as well as producing and writing as Tycho, is known for his graphic design and photography works under the alias ISO50. Together, the two projects walk hand-in-hand with a big emphasis on visual projections with their live performance. 

Tycho's music has come on in leaps and bounds since the debut album 'Sunrise Projector' was released ten years ago. Past material has focussed more on the use of retro warmth but the latest offering, 'Awake', has presented a more progressive take on electro indie.

Live, Hansen is accompanied by three other band members to produce a purely instrumental musical experience. Greeted by a full crowd of enthusiastic fans, Tycho recreated tracks from their discography to the same production style as the record. Although the live element in the band's energy lacked, the use of mesmerising visuals attached with each song helped to explore themes of childhood, dream landscapes and nostalgia. It's hard to comprehend a full set of instrumental mellow synth electro and at times the set grew slightly repetitive but overall, Tycho managed to draw in the crowd with their reverb-soaked sound. 

Key tracks from the set included big tracks such as 'A Walk', 'Awake', 'Montana' and 'Spectre'. Although much of Tycho's music is more heavily appreciated in a calmer environment through headphones, the San Francisco outfit did a great job of emphasising the intimacy of the small Brudenell Social Club by creative an immersive atmosphere.

Out of Ten: 7/10