ALBUM REVIEW: Soda Fabric "Atlantis"

Well, I met these Israelic lads on tour in germanys roughest about one and a half year ago: Chemnitz, we played a show together at Weltecho and got along quite fast. I got their attention because they sound live completely different then I heard on the singles and videos I've found on the internet.
The funny thing is now, with "Atlantis" they completely changed. On the record I can see them playing in front of me. And that's mainly I want to feel. Listening to music and finally see. It's what making musical art's for i think. The songs are genuine 90's Shoegaze or as you might call it "Forget Peace or Swim Deep". Yea right. Their sound is less HQ but more honest and truthful power. Allthough I'm not much talking about the mixing or mastering but the music they've written. With their heart and full of strength. The mix could be more fixed maybe next time but it's their first record and they are just about to explore. Such more there is nothing I can be stressed of. Maybe only the slightly too low bass-guitar. But hey, it's an old fucked up Guilt (I guess) Bass-Guitar and sounds just like it has to. The modern ears are very challenged. It's more natural. The fight between Loudness & Compression. I thank God Israelic punks don't know about all this. Amazing.

My favorite track is of course the opening track. No vocals but clean clear Fuzz (is this even possible) well, yes, AND also I'm veryy stunned by the harmonics. And how they play with it. The Intro into the chorus of the "Intro Song One" called "NEIMA" is a heavenly part. I really see myself zipping an ice-cold O-Juice in Tel Aviv with Icebuckets around me and straws from the bottom to my mouth. See? I listen to their song and I suddenly feel sunny. You might wanna say "Ha, gayyyy!" but feeling sunny is actually a good thing if you're listening to a fucked up Near-Eastern Country which just brought out a brilliant rockband. You clearly hear the longing for peace and harmonic in "Atlantis". So Soda Fabric ain't something to be happy for too much. They also remind you of the wild youth in which they are living. The revolution might begin. It's up to the young people expressing themselves. Only the right ears must be found now. They got mine. So it's a start. and a start has an end. Always. Thanks SF for "Atlantis" I feel great by listening to it. I also heard people say they gonna sign up with Burger Records, so no myth they will explore more parts of this world.

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