[ALBUM REVIEW] WhiteMoor - Pause and Effect

Derby based five piece, WhiteMoor have been working hard over the last few years on their third album and experimenting a bit with their pedal boards to craft a new bunch of tracks from. Formed in 2010 by Barrington Mole, but the band has only been in it's current line-up for the past three years.

So their new album - it's called "Pause and Effect”, and it's which is their third studio album which has a darker edge to it - for example in "Be The Last" and also had a heavier element in it than previous efforts, examples are "Ghosts" and  "God Help The Queen". The five piece act deliver a collection of catchy and polished indie-rock stadium ready songs.

The tracks are well recorded with a more refined sound than their last two efforts, so if you like Indie-Rock, with that British attitude to it, then pick up this album now! This isn't a new WhiteMoor, just a refining of their sound already. It's a very good album with some great elements to it and delivers exactly what you want!

WhiteMoor - Pause and Effect
Out of 10: 7/10

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