[ALBUM REVIEW] Hinds - Leave Me Alone

The highly anticipated album from Spanish garage-rock four piece Hinds is finally here! ‘Leave Me Alone’ is the début LP from the girl group and it does not disappoint. Forming back in 2011, co-lead vocalists and guitarists Carlotta Cosials and Ana Perrote started out gigging together in Madrid. By 2014, (still as a duo) they recorded and released their ‘Demo’ (made up of two tunes: ‘Bamboo’ and ‘Trippy Gum’) on Bandcamp which received numerous amounts of praise. The success of the tracks triggered the naming of the band  ‘Deers’ as well as the addition of bassist Ade Martín and drummer Amber Grimbergen. Due to legal issues at the start of last year, the band had to change their name to ‘Hinds’ (which is equivalent to a female deer) and continued releasing singles under their new title. The non-stop triumph of Hinds has been evident over the past couple of years, with their cover of ‘Davey Crockett’ being produced by Árni Árnason from The Vaccines as well as now having a sensational début album under their belts. 

‘Leave Me Alone’ is undeniably a breath of fresh air. The antisocial title immediately indicates that the album is a youthful album, brimming with emotion, vivacity, feelings, passion, an epitome of growing up. Considering the LP is 12-tracks long, it is certainly bursting with the true authenticity of Hinds’ vibrant personalities and still effortlessly conveys the distinct sound that has provided them with so much recognition in the musical domain. 

The album launches with familiar favourite ‘Garden’ which initiates the garage-rock sound from the start, comprising of vibrant and laid-back guitar strums which carry the melody through. Carlotta Cosials and Ana Perrote complement each other perfectly with the co-lead vocal, echoing each other during the verses and communicating their animated enthusiasm through the lyrics ‘I can take you dancing’, ensuring that their youthfulness and energy is expressed from the opening. ‘Fat Calmed Kiddos’ promptly follows, with the witty title explicitly stating Hinds’ humorous side. An undoubtedly fast-paced chorus drives the tune along lyrically and musically. ‘Why are you always on my mind?’ is the rhetorical question repeatedly asked by the two vocalists whilst Amber Grimbergen ensures that the percussive sounds are top notch throughout the track, ending with a fitting jangly section which sums up the tune excellently. The guitar riff at the beginning of ‘Warts’ supports the principle melody comfortably, resulting in a more chilled-out song with clear instrumental sections. Lyrically, the words express the anger one has at another woman who is in a relationship with someone known. ‘Don’t let her waste your smile, don’t let her curse your eyes'. The unquestionably catchy ‘badadada’s’ ensure that one can easily sing along and participate with the song in a live atmosphere.

‘Easy’ possesses a discontinuous rhythmic flow, however, this aids the overall feeling of the track. Leading up to the main instrumental sections which consist of clear guitar solos, one can truly appreciate the musicianship of these four girls. The ramshackle and randomness of old favourite ‘Castigadas en el Granero’ (Punished in the Barn) emits a sense of thrill and exuberance. Americanised words such as ‘candy’ and ‘mall’ incorporated within the lyrics provide the tune with an impression of American rock and roll. Carlotta’s huskiness in her vocal is extremely evident and gives that extra emotion of youthful energy and rebellion with phrases such as ‘Let’s Get Out!’. 

‘Solar Gap’ is perfectly placed in the LP, it is a time to pause and think about what you’ve listened to and appreciate some authentic 4-piece band music-making. It depicts what it states and it allows a short instrumental section in the album to take control. Armed with a laid-back guitar part, the summery vibes of the track are extremely evident. Promptly, the break ends and in comes serious toe-tapper ‘Chili Town.’ Youthful passion and frustration is spilling out all over the place, ‘All I’m asking for is you to make a move!’ The warmth of the continuous guitar riffs allow you to be transported into a summer of amusement and recreation. Memorable bass lines from Ade Martín are distinct in spirited track ‘Bamboo.’ The chemistry between Ana and Carlotta is apparent throughout the entire melody line, with lyrics complementing each other as well as echoes and thoughts from one to the other. A clean guitar chord finish gives a sense of accomplishment on this vibrant track.

Endless smiles are spread all around during catchy rock’n’roll number ‘San Diego’. Equipped with a main theme that is truly unforgettable (‘Im saying I’m staying, doodoodoodooroodoo’), you cannot help but sing along to this electric, sun-kissed recording. An emotional relationship is recounted in ‘And I Will Send Your Flowers Back.’ However, the contradictory ‘I’ll Be Your Man’ reveals the true power of the female in a partnership, saying that she will be the ‘guide’ if ‘you close your eyes’. The variety of tones used for the duration of the track offer a more relaxed and sincere mood, allowing the listener to examine and reflect on the true meaning of the lyrics. ‘Walking Home’ is most definitely the perfect title for the closing track on the LP. Depicting a journey, you can relate to the voyage this remarkable young band have been on in order to create such a fantastic piece of artistic material. Cheerful guitar parts are heard for one last time. The track sums up the album as a whole: smiley, energetic and fun. A fade out at the end contributes to the atmosphere which explicitly indicates an album full of enthusiasm, vibrance and pure authenticity.

Hinds’ début album ‘Leave Me Alone’ is a genuine musical diamond in the rough, packed with unique eclectic tracks that are brimming with American rock and roll and pure sunshine. Joy and emotion embellish each number faultlessly and ultimately express the chemistry and true musicianship that this band possesses. Hinds are the real thing and one cannot cease to be impressed by this outstanding garage rock quartet. 

'Leave Me Alone' is out today via Lucky Number records. Hinds are also touring the UK in February in numerous cities, make sure to catch them whilst you can!

Hinds - Leave Me Alone
Out of 10: 8/10

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