[IAI PREMIERE] Compact Disk Dummies - Holy Love

We première Belgian electro-pop (or electro-punktrashclashrock as they style it...)  duo Compact Disk Dummies’ stomping new single ‘Holy Love’, which is as catchy as it is sexy.  Lennert and Janus Coorevits may well come from the low countries of Europe yet it is downtown L.A. you envisage when you close your eyes and listen to this tune, slowly drifting by in a haze of lights as you cruise downtown in a convertible.

On production duties is Gareth Jones of Depeche Mode and Erasure fame, and Shameboy, who has previously worked with Belgian pop icon Stromae. This clash of ‘80s synth music and euro-dance infuse the track with an infectious pop element, whilst the brothers Coorevits add a veneer of modern cool. Horns, cowbell, sharp synths and pumping basslines provide the bed on which the rich vocals flourish.

‘Holy Love’ is the first single from their forthcoming ‘Silver Souls’ album which is being released on N.E.W.S records on 6/05/2016, the label having boasted tracks from the likes of Netsky, Disclosure and Nora En Pure in recent times, esteemed company no doubt. Listen to the track below:

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