[LISTEN] Four Authors release debut full length album [IAI PREMIERE]

Four Authors are a band that makes no bones about what they want to achieve with their sound. Every track on this debut album is crafted to be ink-keeping with the band's pop-rock perfect sound, and each song achieving the hooks and vibe which form the backbone of the genre.

A personal favourite of ours is 'Catalyst' a song which also showcases the band's ability to create song which progress, yet still stay true to pop-rock formula. In honesty, every song on this album could easily be single material for this band, showcasing their concise song-writing, and justifying their impressive touring schedule this year.

Keep an eye on these guys, especially if bands such as Fall Out Boy are your thing!

Live Dates:

18th June - Silverstone Race Track
18th June - Live In Barnsley Music Festival
9th July - Bean Fest
9th July - Wordstock Festival
16th July - 360 Club (Leeds)
22nd July - Barnsley Rock and Blues Venue
6th August - Oople Festival
7th August - Kaya Festival

Pre-order the debut album via Itunes

Words by Jake Breeze