[EP REVIEW] Mint - Happiness is Heroin

This EP feels more local than the newsagent who knows your mum and would grass on you for sticking spoggy to his window when you were a kid (other colloquial terms for chewing gum are available) and yet it still manages to have enough grandeur for mass appeal due to the fact every can probably relate to it in their own way.

With topics such as Grimsby, troubled families and girl problems, I feel like they could have just written my about my upbringing to be fair... And probably most other people's too.

Some wonderfully clever lyrics throughout that don't exactly take the most direct route to get to their desired intention. I like it!

Polished relate-able pop songs aren't anything ground breaking but i personally think Mint have played a smart card in at least writing music straight from their hearts. That's what I believe will set them apart from the oohs and ahs of the guys just trying to get paid.

Check this EP out for sure. BBC Introducing have been playing it a fair whack and rightly so.

Also if you check Mint out on the following socials then you'll be able to find details and links to tickets for the EP launch this week or any future gigs... Cracking live as well but I'll save that for a gig review.