[GIG REVIEW] Fickle Friends @ Fruit, Hull, 18th November 2016

The first night of the current tour went well for Fickle Friends who are now solidly defining themselves as names to be reckoned with in an ever bustling industry. Despite feeling very nostalgic by their whole image, I think Fickle Friends do a great job of bringing touches of retro to a fresh sounding set.

Dropping "For You" from the setlist was personally abit gutting but being replaced by new tunes 'Cry Baby' and 'Brooklyn' made up for any upset caused.

Again I'm not a pro photographer so sorry I probably haven't done the band any justice. Being part of the cracked iPhone screen brigade also made it a lot more tricky.

Natti and the lads seemed to be a more polished live act since when I last saw them in Hull, that's not to say I didn't enjoy them last time... it just felt more established. There's a compliment in there somewhere for the band.

Anyway! Pre-Christmas tour deserves you to neglect buying that random cousin a Christmas present and instead get yourself down to a gig! Treat yourself, even wrap the ticket up! Little gift to yourself. You can see those tour dates at the below social: