Barry Locke opens up in anthemic new single 'Tombs'

Hailing from Northern Ireland and now based in London, singer-songwriter Barry Locke has spent the last two years working with Producer Carl Falck of Rooftop Records London on his debut album, ‘O N E‘.

Barry Locke's upcoming album is essentially an autobiographical concept album. Barry has always looked inward to explore themes and narratives from his own experience that are easily understood. They examine the very nature of ‘self ‘as an endless knot of indecision and resolve.

His next single from his upcoming album is 'Tombs' - a track that sparkles in Barry's wholesome lyrical stories and anthemic production, all creating a lavish three-minute wonder.

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A song about mindfulness, respect, and understanding. Barry Locke's commitment to forging strong lyrics clearly shines through in 'Tombs' and captures a magical moment that is both motivating and magical. Jack Gourlay has added another stunning layer to this with his contribution to the arrangement.

Commenting more on the single, Barry states:
"‘Tombs’ for all its macabre and dread conjuring is actually really a song about minding the frailty of others. We spend so much time behind walls that we build ourselves and for every person who has not or has yet to experience depression, there is someone who has or is currently enveloped by it. It’s a song about mindfulness, respect, and understanding."

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