Call Me Karizma shares introspective visuals for 'Life of the Party' [IAI Premiere]

Enigmatic alt-hip pop artist Call Me Karizma continues to stand at the forefront of his self-defined niche, further proving that his vision connects deeply with his die-hard fanbase which grows exponentially. Not afraid to address challenging topics such as the taboo of mental health, his introspective and personal lyrics carry a level of relatable honesty told through a well refined musical package.

In July we heard Life of the Party for the first time, a pristine display of songwriting which deals with the everyday effects of anxiety, neatly summarised by the hook:
If I’m the life of the party, why do I stay home?
The visuals further compound the powerful message of lyrics, with Karizma portraying the narrative in real time. You see him try escape the anxieties of his own mind, leaving the room in which he feels trapped only to return instantly and the more he tries the more the frustration builds - the perfect metaphor for how it can internal struggles can manifest.

With such a strong message and distinct delivery, Call Me Karizma is a true stand out and worth keeping a close eye on for what comes next.