Sody shares honest ballad 'Maybe It Was Me'

With all the trends being thrown around nonstop in pop music it's hard for people that truly care about powerful songwriting to have their voice heard in all the noise. Someone carrying the flame for a more timeless and trend-defying aperture on pop is emerging femme fatale Sody, who continues her winning streak from the 2017 self-releases Let Go and Wasted Youthwhich caught the attentions of audiences across the globe.

Maybe It Was Me is an emotional and honest ballad that's lead by the natural movement of her voice where you're left hanging off every word. Sody is one of those rare artists that can navigate through her influences and different genres with finesse, weaving them together with the distinct cadence of her voice. Keep an eye on this young and exciting talent as she's clearly just started on her path to the top.