MIO shares the electric 'Lost'

It wasn't too long ago that we were talking about Swedish newcomer MIO over the emphatic debut High On Me which was the perfect introduction to this exciting and enigmatic new artist. Without skipping a beat, she continues her hot streak with Lost, a follow up that carries all the hallmarks of her previous release: a pensive vocal applied to forward-thinking alt-pop instrumental, yet provides a crisp new dimension to her sound.
"Lost is a song built around the issue of 2 people having very different perspectives on each other’s place in a relationship. I got annoyed by the fact that we had to make things complicated by putting a label on what we had, so I wrote this song in relation to that. Like everything in the story of this EP, I would hope it’s something people can relate to."
Lost is a new chapter from her forthcoming debut EP and consider our appetites suitably whet. Musically it sits in between the acoustic guitar-led R&B from the early 00s, mixed with cutting-edge pop and dancehall, again with the high energy production balanced by her wonderfully melancholic vocal efforts.

With a clear path set for her refined vision, the visual accompaniment continues the story from High On Me and we're loving every second. Tune in below.
“The accompanying video portrays the first meeting of a to-be-relationship. There is raw emotion without commitment, and a blind intoxication for each other. No label, just lust and what you think could immediately be love. But is that a good thing to base a relationship on? The rest of the story and the soon to be released songs (and videos), clearly shows what I found out...”