Ocean Flaws share blistering remix of "Deep Sea Dreaming" by Oscillate

Essex's Ocean Flaws have in the past month shared their blistering remix of "Deep Sea Dreaming" by Oscillate Studios - and yes, we know this is a remix but we're massive fans of the band and as soon as heard this we felt like you lot had to check it out too.

With the success that the Brentwood based band got from the studio version of this song - so far at  the 38k stream mark on Spotify - they've now dropped a remix of the song which is helping to give their fans something else to listen to, y'know as their last single was their best release to date.

With the backing from BBC Radio Essex and also Radio X already behind them this remix might just be a master-stroke, as we feel like it could easily get it's way into some dance and EDM playlists. It's so far from the studio version however fans of the tune would recognise it from the off as the vocals are unchanged, fast paced guitars are still here and there is still a real drive.

We already knew we liked Ocean Flaws before we heard this remix - see our last post about them here - and even way back in early 2019 here - they're going the right way with releasing their songs and we can't praise them enough, so proud to be from the same county as these talented lads.