Spangled return with hazy new tune, "Nosedive"

 Those four chaps in Spangled (once again, brilliant name) are back with their fantastic new single "Nosedive". The new release follows on from "Turmoil" and sees them close out the year on a high.

Since we last checked in with the band their numbers on the social channels are still on the rise, and after hearing their latest effort I can easily hear why.

Spangled has once again shown us all why they're a band to get excited about.

"Nosedive" is once again a track that sticks to what the quartet does best, fuzzy guitar and basslines, crisp drums, and plenty of haze on the vocals giving it that sort of Stone Roses versus JAWS vibe, basically dreamy guitars and sensational vocals that hook you in.

Speaking about the new single, the band say " ... "Nosedive" is a celebration of risk-taking during youth; In a way, it glamorizes the unknown. The phrasing of the word ‘Nosedive’ is a reference to the UK drug culture, we’re just saying “look, this is what it’s like to be young, it’s part of the culture, like it or lump it”. That’s the beauty of this song, it’s unapologetic, in your face, and it makes you just wanna lie down on your kitchen floor and forget all those little problems that have been building up in you’re everyday life."

One thing to also mention about this track is that backed up by a chilled-out new tune in the form of "Southern Ligaments". Yes, it may just be a demo but once again it highlights the band's talent and how they're able to capture our imagination when the tempo is low.