Track of the day... Ten Bears - Charlie

Another BBC discovery. Ten Bears came in to record for Tom Robinson 'Introducing' shows. They played so loudly that they managed to get the news department (who were next to ‘the Hub’ where the bands play), Steve Lamacq (who was live on air) and his producer all mad for playing so loudly. I thought it was great. Don’t have the Hub next to the live studio and news room?

They performed their single, ‘Braces’ which is also brilliant and catchy…but I chose ‘Charlie’ because I think it is just that smidgenly catchier. I defy you not to love the chorus, or the cowbell heard right from the beginning of the track. But I love the pre-chorus first heard at 1:03 – the cheeky drums and guitar are so anticipatory, the mega chorus is such a buzzing contrast. The chorus consists or merely two chords and the same, repeated vocal line… yet it is so great. This is an instant hit. Everyone I’ve played it to loves it. I can totally imagine this song on football/geezer commercials or phone adverts.
Well done Ten Bears, see you at the Pyramid Stage.

Ten Bears - Charlie by masstsnk