Track of the day... Everything Everything - Riot On The Ward

Everything Everything have finished recording, mastering and Everything (excuse the pun) to do with the album. This song (which I assume) is a reject from the album, possibly a early song that just went into the b-sides bin. But they have produced some fantastic b-sides before, Luddites and Lambs and NASA Is On Your side are a couple of super stunning songs.

The song itself has no drum beat, just three of them singing, the usual suspects it seems, sadly the drummer had not a chance to make a impact on the song. Three and a half minutes of humming, high notes and (near) choir boy singing. I would like to see a guitar kick in or a drum keeping them in time but sadly not. This is a nice song, a perfect song to listen to for calming down.

Everything Everything - Riot On The Ward

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