Track of the day... Hurts - Happiness

A friend sent me this track as it sadly does not appear on their debut album, of which, is called Happiness.

This track would fit in well with Better Than Love, Illuminated and Wonderful Life in the tracks that could easily be singles (Better Than Love and Wonderful Life are both singles but you know what I mean).

It starts with a funky beat with Theo's voice performing such high tone, singing 'I don't want your Happiness' and constantly singing that makes me think this song is about him rejecting someones friendship, possibly a old friend? The chorus is euphoric with the synths and keys working in harmony to produce a track (and if it had a funky drum beat) that would easily be played in clubs as drunken people shout out HAPPINESS. They should of really included this track in the album and it's such a shame they didn't. I mean calling a album 'Happiness' and also having a track called 'Happiness' and yet not having on said album is a bit silly don't you think.

Their latest release is for the promotion of the album, since Better Than Love was already a few months ago they are re-releasing Wonderful Life, hopefully on CD, 7" and 12!" I am hoping that this release will have a b-side or even 'Happiness' on it? We shall see.

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