It's All Indie: Top 20 - #4

Delphic - Doubt

A lot can be said about this track, and god darn it, I am going the beans on this one! Doubt has scatter-shot electronic squelches, hushed vocals and robotic drum loops are actually more akin to recent Bloc Party. However, Delphic have a lighter touch and greater pop leanings than Kele Okereke's band...

Delphic are one of those bands who can’t really decide what genre of music they want to be, trying to cover at least three (indie, electro and amazing) throughout the course of their single ‘Doubt.’ 'Doubt' opens with lots of vocals layered on top of each other. The chorus is very anthem-esque and they’re obviously gearing up for the rest of the year gigging with this song and getting a headline spot at a summer festival.

Delphic - Counterpoint
Delphic - Doubt
Delphic - Doubt (Dubstep Remix by Jamie Law)