Introducing... Starlings

Starlings was started in a steel city studio in the spring of 2009 to provide a rhythmical release from the humdrum offerings of the daily grind. Jet set on their melodic mission, the boys spent their early days under the wonderful wing of ultra-psych producer Richard Norris (The Grid, Time & Space Machine, Beyond The Wizards Sleeve) blending Balearic beats (similar to Crystal Fighters) with cosmic synths to fashion toe-tapping shimmering disco sound.

Songs to listen to would be 'Weight In Gold' and the Starkey remix of the same song. They clearly display their musicianship and ability to write diverse dance songs with the good old guitar making some appearances in the songs. Synth laden Dance tunes for the masses, they are the sexiest songs to grace my ears in this genre for a while!

S T A R L I N G S - SIRENS (Radio Edit) by S T A R L I N G S