EP Review... Rapids! - Fragments EP

Fragments' is the brand new EP by Rapids !Available in the UK through Heist Or Hit Records. And it's available in the US through Old Flame Records on the 27th September 2011. Rapids! are Matt Holliday (Vocals & Synthesizer), James Davies (Drums & Vocals), Rob Murray (Guitar), Steve DaCosta (Guitar) and Tim Richards (Bass). They play Post-Punk Revival with a Dark-Tropical twist to it, just give them a listen, you'll love them!

The start of the song has a punchy synth that ripples right through you, with even darker sounding noises coming in from all angles you are treated to cool hush vocals from lead vocalist Matt. This track is like walking at night through London on a late Friday night, you are aware that it's dark yet there is something perhaps waiting for you around the corner about to jump on you. And there it is (in the song...), the last minute, it picks up pace then flows into a mass of deep riffs and even more dark synths.
Out of 10: 9/10

House Of Sand And Fog:
A tough one to follow, but this track does not let you down. With a bright start this sounds like it's going to be less on the dark side, and more on the Indie-Rock side. With hints of Editors thrown into the mix (addictive synths) you are once again listening to a track that you can warm to. This number is one aimed for the clubber in you with a beat to seriously tap your feet to!
Out of 10: 8/10

Once again a dark synth welcomes you to another one of their cracking tracks, yet this one like the one before it is a bit more dance orientated with fast drumming, catchy guitar riffs and punchy vocals. The chorus sounds like a tornado is heading your way, and it doesn't let up, pounding its way into your head and after it goes into the bridge you are now in the eye of the storm. It all goes a bit quieter, but there is this looming rush coming, it builds slowly and you are thrown back into the madness. Terrific stuff, seriously!
Out of 10: 8/10

The shortest track on the EP and it does seem like the band are slowly edging their way through their influences, this track is a whole lot more poppy than the others. Imagine an old Foals band jamming to Bloc Party tunes. The track is so upbeat and brilliantly positioned in the EP as it makes you feel a easy whilst giving it a listen. I bet this song when it's being played live must have at least half of the place bouncing! It's just got festival anthem written all over it!
Out of 1o: 9/10

Nameless // Faceless:
The last studio track on the EP and what a way to end it! A combination of the dark synths from the start of the EP to the high notes of the track right before it. Punchy hooks, enticing you into a sense of lust. This track is just so sexy, the way it's played right down to how it's sung. Rapids! are pretty slippery customers here, where to put this track? In the Indie-Dance section or the Post-Punk Revival section? One thing is for sure, this will be played a lot from me!
Out of 10: 8/10

Nameless // Faceless (Bloc Party Vs Co-Pilots Remix):
The remixed bonus track is upon us. With this being the last track Russell Lissack remixed before he went away to record with Bloc Party he certainly gives it his own personal make-over. The way it comes across is all dark like the start of the EP, but with a lot of danceability thrown into the equation. This could easily be a track off 'Intimacy Remixed', but one thing is definitely for sure, the 2nd half of the song is one for the clubs!
Out of 10: 8/10

Rapids! - Fragments EP
Out of 10: 8.3/10

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