Track of the week... Rapids! - Littleblood

Having listened to and loved their latest EP I only see fit that I have to keep on blogging about these amazing lads! I gave their EP a 8.3/10 score and this song that is the 'Track of the week' got a 9/10, near perfection! If you can, seriously check them out live and buy the EP, it's well worth the price!!!

The start of the song has a punchy synth that ripples right through you, with even darker sounding noises coming in from all angles you are treated to cool hush vocals from lead vocalist Matt. This track is like walking at night through London on a late Friday night, you are aware that it's dark yet there is something perhaps waiting for you around the corner about to jump on you, just spine tingling! And there it is (in the song...), the last minute, it picks up pace then flows into a mass of deep riffs and even more dark synths. Epic!

Rapids! - Littleblood by HeistOrHit

Rapids - Nameless // Faceless (Bloc Party Vs Co-Pilots Remix)