Introducing... The New Union

The best thing about bands originating from Brighton is that they're at a really high standard, and The New Union are no exception! They formed a year ago in Brighton. So what of it, well they bring to the table the dark yet upbeat tones of White Lies and Interpol and the light guitar tones of fellow Brighton boys, The Maccabees.

We bring this to your urgent attention down to their d├ębut track, 'It's You', which is available to stream and to download below! It's a sweet track, especially considering the day that I'm writing this on (Valentines Day). One for the lovers I'm sure, but despite that I can see this track staying in my playlists for years to come as it looks like they've filled a little niche in my life.

For fans of // White Lies / The Maccabees / Bloc Party