EP Review... Gentlemen's Club - Everything In Colour

Upbeat Indie-Pop hailing from the Biggleswade/Gamlingay/Hatch area just outside the vibrant city of Cambridge. Gentlemen's Club are here and ready with an EP that should get your feet tapping, hands doing the air drums and head bopping.

The Fix:
We've been looking forward to hearing this EP, and from the first track we knew we were in for a right treat. With this being their 2nd EP the lads have even said that they're putting more effort into the recordings. With 'The Fix', this is a great example of how lively they can be! Imagine them playing live, bouncy and full of energy, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this!
Out of 10: 8/10

This is the centrepiece of their live shows and they've put it as the halfway mark in their EP, this track is a bit more up-beat than the last, purely down that it maintains it's electric sound all of the way through. When we saw them live the singer announced that "this is a song that's about sex", listen to the lyrics closely it's there! The chorus is what makes this song to me, the shouty chorus makes it for me!
Out of 10: 8.5/10

Rolling Swiftly:
The slower track (if anything) and the longest. This is a farewell track from a band that has lit up my Saturday evening. It opens with a great bass that warms you to the track instantly, the chorus pops up and it's got that sexy Indie-Pop groove that Gentlemen's Club have made for themselves.
Out of 10: 8/10