Gig Review... Ego Trip @ The Horn, St Albans, 10th April 2012

After having Ego Trip as our track of the week last week, we had to see them live to see what the fuss was all about. We were in for a treat! Before them was a lovely two piece girl acoustic act called 'Wayward Daughter' who played mainly covers, but when they played their own material it was pure gold, they've got a lot potential. After them was a band called Year Of The Fox, more
on them in another post.

Ego Trip played a nice blend of covers and their own material, opening with their most played track 'Running Out' (which we've been really loving recently) and finishing on a Katy Perry cover of 'Teenage Dream'. Ok, I'm not the one to like covers all that much, but when the band put their own sound on the song then it's a good cover, this cover was great! But I couldn't help but think they could perhaps end on a stronger song. They also played a couple of 'new' tracks which got the crowd motivated and you could clearly see them on the stage enjoying every second of it. They're an eager band who are not ones to shy away from paying their own material. All in all their performance was great, and go check out 'Running Out' if you can and pick up their EP on iTunes!