Gig Review... Of Monsters and Men @ Reading Festival, 26th August 2012

With the success of the huge hit ‘Little Talks’, racking up over seventeen million YouTube views, Of Monsters and Men were a band I was really excited to see at Reading. In the wake of big indie folk bands like Arcade Fire and Dry The River gaining acclaim and limelight, these fresh faced Scandinavians couldn’t have shown up at a better time. Sporting an Icelandic flag on the drum kit, the NME tent was packed - an incredible turnout for midday! They were everything I wanted them to be and more. As the atmosphere was soaked up by everyone in the tent, a sense of magical enchantment hung over audience member’s heads as the band triumphed through a set of albums from their new album. Complete with glistening naive vocals from female vocalist Nanna and the incredible voice of male vocalist Raggi, the band smiled and gave it all their passion as to feel that settling for a good performance wouldn’t even be satisfactory.

Nanna interacted with the crowd, even complimenting a couple of guys dressed in purple morph suits and speaking fluent English. Of Monsters and Men look set to becoming one of the biggest breakthrough acts of 2012. Full with chants, audience rapport and epic songs, it comes as no surprise that right at this moment I’m clicking the download button on their debut album ‘My Head Is an Animal’. This is just the beginning of a band with so much potential and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Of Monsters and Men played:
Dirty Paws
Slow and Steady
King and Lionheart
Mountain Sound
Lake House
Little Talks
Six Weeks

Written by - Courtney Askew-Conti

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