Sounds of 2013 - #19 - Billy Lockett

Billy Lockett is a Northampton based artist who crafts amazing love songs with his guitar, he has a very acoustic style with him using tambourines, pianos and even horns on his tracks. We've been very fond of him ever since my friend Emily pointed him out to me. He has bags full of heart and soul and he has got the vocals to capture the crowd from the first chord of the song.

Now reports back from my friends all say that you have to listen to his cover of Foster The People's song 'Pumped Up Kicks', as it happens we've listened to it and he pulls of the cover with great precision with the help of his comrade Dan Blackwell, he turns a song about guns and massacre to make it sound like a soulful love song, something he is very good at doing (the soulful love songs). As it so happens we have the video of the cover to stream just below the post! Now if that hasn't convinced you this will, if you love either Ben Howard, Benjamin Francis Leftwich or any Bombay Bicycle Club song off the 'Flaws' album you'll love him!. He is certainly due a break, his music is just flawless!

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