Introducing... Guards

Earlier this year New York band “Guards” released their debut album “In Guards We Trust”. Since then they have toured with fellow Americans MGMT and won over many critics. The bands light (yet thought provoking), happy and free sound makes for a combination of thoughts containing the urge to sing-along every word and the helpless feeling of utter wanderlust. With lead singer's “Richie Follin” sister being part of group “Cults” one could definitely imagine a lot of pressure being on the Americans. How they felt whilst recording their impressive debut isn't important, though. The result is. And the end product is what has to be one of the albums of 2013. Twelve songs taking the listener from energy packed songs such as “Silver Lining” up to slower “1&1” make this a must-hear. Combining melodic vocals with fitting guitar, drum and synth pieces give Guards a sound that will lift anyones mood. Another easily detectable feature in their music is the flawless chemistry existing between each member.

The synth intro of “Nightmare” catapults the listener straight into what feels like a broken roller coaster. Broken, because instead of having highs and lows “In Guards We Trust” just starts and ends on a very high note with mere minor slips along the way. The whole album is fueled by an energetic pulse hammering through the album like a stampede of happiness. “Ready To Go”, the band's most successful track has enjoyed moderate fame in the US and abroad (German music magazine “Musikexpress” recently put this song on one of their highly popular mix tapes).
The penultimate track “Home Free” is, in my opinion, puts the group into an elite group of bands, that have mastered the skill of writing music capable of inducing wanderlust into the person currently enjoying this masterpiece. The opening instrumental part brings back memories of long past travels and induces longing thoughts of new ones.

Lyrically Guards still have potential, though. In the sense, that, their aren't any stand-out lyrics, which you feel an urge to have tattooed straight away. And critics could also argue that each song's chorus is fairly similar, though I believe this feature just helps distinguish Guards' sound.
“The future's also I see”, claim Guards. And if this statement is true, then fans can start looking forward to more great music in the future.
In Guards We Trust.

For fans of: Peace, The Shins, Cults

"In Guards We Trust" Out of ten: 9,5/10