Sounds of 2014 - #14 - New Desert Blues

Hampshire quintet New Desert Blues have had quite the year and aren't intending on stopping! Having supported Editors on a European tour and releasing some amazing singles over the past year the band now have a d├ębut 4-song EP "Devil’s Rope" due on 20th January 2014 through their own label Whiteley Records.

The band spent much of October holed up at West London’s prestigious RAK Studios co-producing with Isabel Seeliger-Morley, piecing together a body of work featuring brooding vocals, ethereal harmonies and soaring guitar work.

Their track "Adam" - Listen below - has a hint of Phyc and Americana hidden within it's gentile structure. The duel vocals throughout the song gives it the feel of an anthem, and not just that, an anthem written by the big bands such as U2, Editors and The Black Keys. They've really tapped into something quite amazing here.

You all need to hurry up and listen to this song, jump on the bandwagon before they get too big! With what they've already done so far without releasing an EP they've done tremendously well, keep a very close eye on this five-some!

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January 22nd - St Pancras Old Church London, UK

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