Single Review... Golden Glow "The Scene"

Golden Glow is a project, a band including mastermind and buddy Pierre Hall straight out of Manchester, living in grey London City now. His underground Surf-Wave-hit "Adore Me" got a few thousand enthousiastic followers now... I've been playing it now over two fantastic years aswell on my In-ears...
Now he's leading to a more wavey, more upbeat stomper.If you like The Clash's "London Calling" mixed with The Cure's heartattacking darkness... this Golden Glow shit is something for ya. If you like psychadelic/weird music to explore the meaning of songs and souls behind their notes, it's way worth it to give it a go all the time.
"The Scene" is a smooth one though. It predicts a nice track going actually to nowhere.

It's very repetetive, krauty but as we're very much in kind of these sounds, it's just super correct he dropped a tune like this. It's a bit reminding of the older Duran Duran or some of the classic 90's Epic Brit-Wave sandwich. Releasing his new piece through the Indie-Label Bleeding Gold Records, it's not a myth this pre-track off his new upcoming EP "Beauty/Duty" comes within a Goldon touch !!!

A tasty vocal like ever and surely promising of lust for more. Yes Pierre you heard us, WE. WANT. MORE. You guys should really check out this manchester talent. He's trying to become a living legend. He's on the best way...

"And so the beat goes on, yeah the beat goes on." - Golden Glow - Adore Me

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