8 Of The Best Tracks We Heard This Week (w/e 22nd June)

Here we are, ready with the BEST tracks we've had the pleasure of listening to from the past seven days, this one's a real mixture, enjoy!

Palms Vincent

Palms Vincent - Get Together 

This is Palm Vincent's first track to be uploaded, and hence his début release. The debut track is a demo of his song "Get Togehter",  it's got hints of surf music, Primal Scream and psychedelic jams. Not a bad release to launch his new project off!

Broods - Mother & Father

The New Zealand duo have revealed a stunning new song that's being released today - yes a Thursday! The song has been loved by Zane Lowe, blogs and Hypem too. Scroll on down to find out why Broods are one of the hottest new electronic acts.

Interpol - Anywhere

The video of Interpol's new song "Anyway" was recorded live at their headline show at Brixton's 02 Academy earlier on in the year. After spending hours flicking through live videos it's nice to hear what their new LP might sound like.

Alt-J - Hunger of the Pine

Alt-J announced their come-back track, oddly enough it features a Miley Cyrus sample throughout the track. But as the band have made their name on being very different to the rest this track is certainly off the beaten-track, but is still worth a listen! I can't wait to hear more.

Crystal Fighters - Love Alight

Crystal Fighters have revealed a very dancey anthem ready for the Summertime with "Love Alight", it's more electronic than their usual sound but you can still hear the band's core there, the duel vocals, Spanish instrumentation and acoustic guitars.

This song was suppose to be on their last album "Cave Rave", but only now it's seen the light of day. Certainly in time too, we're loving this!

Warpaint - The Chauffeur 

Warpaint have covered Duran Duran's "The Chauffeur"which is taken from the upcoming LP "Making Patterns Rhyme: a tribute to Duran Duran", (curated by MANIMAL) for the benefit of Amnesty International. "Making Patterns Rhyme: A Tribute to Duran Duran" also features Moby, Austra and Little Dragon across its 19 tracks.


Fou De Toi - Island

Fou De Toi are a new band from Stockholm and Göteborg in Sweden, their new song "Island" is a fresh and bright track ready for summer! It's got some really light melodies, lovely guitar tones and a bouncy beat. It reminds me of Theme Park and Wild Cub rolled into one.

Annie Eve - Basement

New act Annie Eve has just unveiled her brand new video for the stunning song "Basement". The track is filled with swooning and harmonic backing vocals, stunning guitar tones and a lick of folk for good measure. Her vocals just dominate the track, she really does remind us of the perfect blend of Lucy Rose and Daughter. Scroll on down and lose yourself in this beautiful number from the London artist!