Gig Review… Claire @ Ampere, Munich, 2nd July 2014

You may remember reading our "Introducing…Claire (+Interview)" article a month ago. I was wondering how Claire are live, so I went to see them at Munich's Ampere. The gig was part of the Ray Ban Polarized Tour taking the band to four German cities - including their hometown Munich.
I met the band for a chat before the gig, having a conversation ranging from Great Escape Festival, English weather and London's KOKO to their unique mixture of different genres and dreams of one day playing at Glastonbury. Claire were very, very friendly – as nice as Cajun Dance Party were in their day. But that's a different story.

“It's great to be back in Munich, all our friends and family are here", they told me.

Claire were supported by Berlin artist Teesy. The mixture of Rap and Pop managed to excite the crowd inside the full venue.
Claire's lead singer Josie-Claire Bürkle came on stage to a dreamy synth intro her band mates were playing. These sounds, combined with what felt like a 2 hour trip through time and space, proved to be the beginning of a fantastic evening.

Photography by Emma Cox

 "We own the night", Josie sung in Claire's third song of the evening "The Next Ones to Come". And they did. The band's sound fitted the packed, intimate venue perfectly. The band seemed totally possessed by the music they were playing, with Josie-Claire Bürkle seemingly in some trance-like state during parts of the set.

Claire's sound ranges from trippy synth parts, to HipHop-like beats before bursting into thundering breaks. "We just love experimenting with all different genres and hate throwing ideas away", they told me, explaining their diverse style. Throughout their whole set they were supported by a visual show depicting stars, weird shapes, revolving coloured triangles and eerie mountain scenes.

"Raise your fists, open your hearts!"

There aren't many gigs that I leave with a feeling of utter satisfaction; this was one of those. I can't think of anything Claire could have done better. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article I spoke about the English weather with the band. Munich hasn't been experiencing good weather lately, so when I pointed that out to Josie-Claire she promised we'd have sun the day after. Surprise, surprise: the sun was out. 

Claire will be playing at London's KOKO soon, so keep an eye out for them.

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Written by - Benjamin Brown