Gig Review… Kasabian @ Kesselhaus, Munich, 26th October

When you arrive at a venue to interview a band and they're still sound-checking with the windows shaking heavily, you can safely assume that the gig will be good. This is exactly what I got to experience while waiting to interview Sergio Pizzorno. (interview coming soon).
Four hours and a support set by Pulled Apart By Horses later Kasabian took to the stage with “Shiva” playing, picked up their instruments and launched into the furiously energetic “Bumblebee”. From the second the band kicked off mosh pits started erupting all around Munich's Kesselhaus as an Alice Glass doppelgänger repeatedly surfed over the crowd, which consisted of German and, surprisingly, many Polish fans. The second song of the evening was "Shoot the Runner", by the end of which unfit gig-goers were already heading to the back of the venue. With "Underdog" and "Where Did All the Love Go" up next, that was probably a good place to stay. We had been told pre-gig by their Tour Manager that their Berlin crowd the night before had been absolutely crazy - I'm 100% sure that he'd have to tell the attending press the following evening the same about Munich. "Days Are Forgotten" and "Clouds" were played, before the Leicester band launched into the first single of "48:13" "Eez-eh". "Processed Beats", a song from eponymous debut album was up next, after which my personal highlight of the evening "Bow" was performed. "Neon Noon" provided the perfect opportunity for everyone to catch their breath, inspect the mosh-pit induced bruises and prepare for the next song. Sergio told me during the interview that recent live performances had felt like those at the start of Kasabian's career in England. One of the songs which saw the band rise to fame was "Club Foot", which felt like a weird flashback to their beginnings as a band. The action continued with "Re-Wired", after which the band showcased the quality of their new light show. Powerful lasers accompanied "Treat", 'shooting' white and blue lines through the venue and at times fully engulfing the band. "Switchblade Smiles" and "Empire" paved the way for "Fire". The slow build-up to the chorus got circle-pits opening throughout the "Kesselhaus", which broke out into a mass of people shoving each other from one end of the room to the other. The band left the stage, only to return minutes later for an encore consisting of the amazing "Stevie", "Vlad the Impaler", and a cover of Fatboy Slim's "Praise You", which morphed into "L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever).
I have seldom seen a crowd with so much energy and can only recommend seeing the spectacle that Kasabian have become live.

Photo by Sascha Gontcharov @saschagon

Kasabian performed:

Shoot the Runner
Where Did All the Love Go?
Days Are Forgotten
Processed Beats
Neon Noon
Club Foot
Switchblade Smiles
Vlad the Impaler
Praise You (Fatboy Slim cover)
L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)

Benjamin Brown