Radiohead currently in-studio working on album, drummer Philip Selway releases new video

There have been mutterings regarding Radiohead recording what would be their ninth studio album before the end of the year. Previously guitarist Jonny Greenwood announced they had intended to start recording in September. On Tuesday, during an interview with BBC Radio Oxford, Greenwood confirmed that although he was late, Radiohead is indeed in-studio.

The album will be the follow-up to 2011's The King of Limbs. The bands three-year hiatus has allowed several members to pursue solo projects. As we previously reported, Greenwood recently scored the new Paul Thomas Anderson film Inherent Vice.

Both Thom Yorke and drummer Philip Selway have recently released their sophomore solo albums, Yorke's "Tomorrow's Modern Boxes" has received positive reviews, and Selway just premièred a new video for his song, "Around Again"  - one of the highlights from his album "Weatherhouse," You can watch Selway's new video here, via YouTube.