Three reasons why we're looking forward to Guards' new album

2015 promises to be a good year for us Indie fans. With bands such as Wolf Alice, Peace and Swim Deep already having announced new albums for the coming year, all is well on the Indie front. One album I'm especially looking forward to is Guards' second album, which the New York band are currently recording. Here are 3 reasons why I'm looking forward to the LP, which may just be my album of 2015.

1) "In Guards We Trust" was amazing
If you aren't familiar with their debut album yet don't waste any time - check it out! It's brilliant feel-good indie, with wanderlust-inducing tracks such as "Home Free" and poppy, energetic songs such as "Silver Lining" or "Ready To Go".

2) Guards will (most probably) go on tour
I had the pleasure of seeing the trio support MGMT in Munich in October 2013 and they were absolutely fantastic. "[Their set] had an instant feel-good factor to it and, [was] packed with energy and positive vibes" is how I described their performance at the said concert.
Hopefully music fans all over the world will be able to see the band present their new album live in the not-so-distant future.

3) This short snippet from the studio
I've listened to this 26-second long video what feels like at least 93,857,578,375 times by now, such is my excitement.
Check out the video here!