Gig Review… Darlia & The Wombats @ Tonhalle, Munich, 30th March 2015

The second we got to hear the new Wombats album Glitterbug, we knew their gig would be good. When we realised that Darlia were supporting The Wombats we dared to think that this concert could be closing in on perfection.
The Munich crowd, which is often somewhat hesitant when it comes to supporting bands (or Vorbands as they are called in Germany), managed to express a lot of love towards the Blackpool band Darlia. Their aggressive and edgy sound had the crowd moving, with the first pits opening up - ideal preparation for what would happen with The Wombats.

The Liverpool band started their set with their new single Your Body Is A Weapon, before launching fans back into their musical past with songs from both of their previous albums. The crowd lost a bit of their crowdsurfing-moshpit-mania whenever the band played one of their new songs. The energy, which was saved during the said tracks, was catapulted straight back at the band (and vice-versa) whenever The Wombats kicked off one of their older hits. Performing against the backdrop of a city skyline the band managed to give the venue a very intimate feel and get people dancing and smiling. Our expectations were more than fulfilled!

The Wombats played:
Your Body Is A Weapon
Jump Into the Fog
Moving To New York
Greek Tragedy
Be Your Shadow
This Is Not A Party
Techno Fan
The English Summer
Little Miss Pipedream
Kill the Director
Give Me A Try
Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)
Let's Dance To Joy Division