[LISTEN] Gold Jacks - Take It Back

Whilst there are many who believe Manchester’s Gold Jacks were conceived through a shared appreciation of crunchy, lo-fi blues, and borne out of mutual respect for their City’s less salubrious watering holes, the fact remains that this was merely a cover story; a well-timed fa├žade that has allowed both the true identities, and the true intentions of the band to remain hidden until the time came for their real purpose to be revealed. That purpose? To resuscitate the still-twitching corpse of the UK’s alternative scene before it’s picked clean by the commercial carrion crows that populate the Top 40.
Following on from ‘One Kinda Women’, their latest offering ‘Take It Back’ sees Gold Jacks slowing the pace and allowing the sultry sleaze of pure guitar-driven rock to slip through the track’s intentional pauses, in turn brought about by a deft understanding of musical spacial awareness. The apparent simplicity offset by Stewart Burns’ impassioned vocal.