[GIG REVIEW] Elk @ Night and Day Cafe, Manchester, 6th August 2015

A Quirky cafe, slap bang in the middle of Manchester on a Thursday night isn't my normal sort of scene (being miles away from home) but that's where i found myself, grasping at trying to find a good gig whilst on a random road trip. Little did i know a little slice of home was waiting for me at the end of the set, a slice that my friend was well aware of and had forgotten to tell me about!

ELK are a three piece indie outfit straight out of Grimsby (my home town) who play lyrically superb, wistful and melodic tunes! Only a short set of 5 tracks but enough to wet the appetite and keep my fingers crossed for them to "make it".

Chatting to the lads afterwards was typically Northern in their appreciation of coming to their show. They informed me they were making a video for 'Three Ships' filmed in Grimsby, put us on the map lads and make us proud!

Something like 'Return to sender' sends me straight back to early Bloc Party days which is only a good thing obviously, sounds raw in its delivery and well constructed. Favourite tune was probably 'Remedy' though as i felt it could probably put a smile on my face after being in the foulest of moods. 

For fans of: Bloc Party, Everything Everything, Vampire Weekend.

Check them out if you please.

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