It's really weird that we've never really formally introduced you all to HAUS - We first had them on the site with their old tune "Token" and then subsequently a killer remix by Loco of their track "February". They've been hard at work for the past two years refining their sound, adjusting their line-up and are now looking to take the big boys on!

When we checked them out in 2014 at The Horn in St. Albans we loved every second of the show, and when they re-emerged out of the shadows in January of this year we couldn't believe it was the same band! The band were taking their time in the studio for "Haze" and with this self-produced track it shows off the bands newly found sound, Indie-Pop with a dark twist and full of anthematic riffs and uplifting vocal yelps in the choruses.

The band have their sights set on 2016 with the release of some more tunes, then followed by some live shows, but after hearing what they're getting up to we're too damn excited!

For fans of // Peace, Foals, JAWS