Jamie Woon shares silky live performance of "Sharpness" from Konk Studios

"Sharpness" caused a bit of a stir in the It's All Indie camp when it was unveiled just over a month ago by Pharrell over on Beats 1. The first song from his long awaited second album, it seems Jamie Woon has perfected a modern twist on funky soul, with deep synth bass and glitchy drums combining beautifully with Marvin Gaye-esque melodies.

The fact that I really can't hear much of a difference between the actual single and this live version surely shows the quality of the musicianship on display. Looking back at when "Sharpness" first dropped, Woon commented "I'm really inspired by... having the band in the room. It's a dying art trying to record live players, so my starting point was that I wanted to hear a funky rhythm section." 

Seeing this video, his comments make even more sense. If this hints at how his album will sound, well then I just got a whole lot more excited!