[GIG REVIEW] Dane Joe @ Madame Claude, Berlin

The basement of Berlin bar Madame Claude is packed to the brim as the lights are dimmed and the first keyboard sounds ring out. And as the synth sounds fill the room, the vibe inside the bar suddenly gets very eery and dark - just as Israeli artist "Dane Joe" wants it to be.
All photos by Mishel Yug
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Her voice (think of a dark version of Youth Lagoon) is punctured by - what can be described as - story telling and screams, making for rather heavy listening. Dane Joe is not easy on the listener - she doesn't want to be, though. Her thumping synth sounds act as a reminder of the special music once released by "Fever Ray".
Dark, unnerving and beautiful. 
By the time Dane Joe's set is finished the entire room is engulfed in thick smoke - the "no smoking sign" was ignored - the Israelis music clearly wasn't. People rush to the front to congratulate her and it's clearly visible how the concentration leaves her body and a smile returns to her face. 
Leaving the bar to head out into the Kreuzberg night seems the perfect way to reflect on the talented newcomer's music: "dark, unnerving and beautiful".


Benjamin Brown