Kytes reveal "On the Run" video

Great, innovative Indie-Rock from Bavaria? Is this possible?
If your first thought was “No.” then you’ve obviously never heard of Munich's Claire, Exclusive or Swallow Tailed. One band that are just at the beginning of their career may be the next big thing in the Indie/Electronic-Rock world.
Their name: Kytes.
Having released just one song the band played an extremely successful gig in Munich this summer, and the hype just hasn’t died down since then. Shortly after their debut show, the four-piece released two singles. 

“On the Run” can only be described as a beautiful mix of catchy indie-rock and electronic-pop. Especially the chorus sounds a bit like a Two Door Cinema Club song, whereas the verse is more electronic, with more synthesizers and fast-forward beats, something Foster The People-like. Still you can't compare Kytes to any other band, not only because their sound is so fresh and innovative. And as they say on their own website: “Kytes paint with sound”. Totally agreeing with that, we are all very excited about their debut-EP which will be released on November 20th. Until then you will have to enjoy the music-video to "On the Run”, which was filmed on a super-8 in Brighton and is nearly as cool as the band. 

If you're in Germany, Austria or Switzerland you can catch the band on tour:
20.10.15 Zurich – Bar Rossi
25.10.15 Vienna – Buzz Boutique
28.10.15 Constance – Kulturladen
29.10.15 Augsburg – Soho Stage
30.10.15 Stuttgart – Keller Klub
31.10.15 Würzburg – Kellerperle
03.11.15 Cologne – Yuca
06.10.15 Berlin – Musik & Frieden
05.11.15 Dresden – Altes Wettbüro
07.11.15 Bremen – Tower
12.11.15 Ilmenau – BD Club
17.11.15 Regensburg – Heimat
18.11.15 Frankfurt – Das Bett
19.11.15 Kassel – Goldgrube
25.11.15 Hamburg – Nochtspeicher
26.11.15 Leipzig – Täubchenthal
27.11.15 Erlangen – Puls Festival
28.11.15 Munich – Puls Festival

Sascha Gontcharov